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Multiformism, as a Cometanic yet post-omnidoxical term used in an Astronist context, is the belief and practice of belonging to more than one religion or philosophy at a time without the requirement to denounce one religion before joining or participating in another.

Multiformists, known outside of Astronism as those with multiple religious belonging, generally reject the notion that any one religion is able to provide a person with the entirety of their spiritual, intellectual, philosophical, and existential needs throughout their life. Additionally, multiformism often advocates for the idea that religions can be applied in different context of people's lives according to need and utility.

Multiformism as a characteristic of philosophy[]

Due to the principles of the Philosophical Spirit and those outlined in the Omnidoxy under the heading of The Twenty-Five Foundations of Philosophy, Cometan assigns multiformism as a fundamental quality of which means to be a philosophy.

Multiformism in China[]

Multiformism is most prevalent in the context of Chinese religious adherence due to the fact that the Chinese population do not feel the obligation to adhere to a single religion and to denounce all others. Instead, the Chinese generally take the approach of utility with regards to their religious adherence; essentially, they gain inspiration and guidance from different religions and philosophies for different segments of their lives.

This is most likely as a result of the nature of Chinese religions being markedly less territorial than Western religions. Furthermore, due to the humanistic foundations upon Confucianism was founded, there is of imperative adherence as a means to achieve salvation, such as in Christianity and Islam.