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Neutral religion, also referred to as unaffiliation, or non-affiliationism, in the Astronist philosophy of religion, is post-omnidoxical theory of religion of Cometanic origin. It states that there exists a collection of beliefs and practices that are not associated with any particular religion, but can be found as customised and stylised within organised religions.

Cometan postulated that the vast majority of the unaffiliated category of religious demographics held a large and complex variety of these neutral religious beliefs without identifying as part of any specific organised religion.

Concepts belonging to this neutral religion category include:

  • Afterlife
  • God
  • Reincarnation

Unaffiliationism and affiliationism

Unaffiliationism, as the belief orientation attached as an appendage to neutral religion, states that a deeply religious life is not and should not be associated with one's affiliation or identification towards particular organised religion.

This opinion often stands in direct contrast to affiliationism which states that affiliation to an organised philosophy or religion is the superior way to maintain deep religiosity and to lead a spiritual life.

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