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New Concept Development, abbreviated as NCD, is both a belief orientation and an Institutional function within Astronism reflected as a department within the Astronist Institution.

This department of New Concept Development involves the acceptance of submissions from people all around the world who have written proposals including their justifications for the inclusion of new terms, concepts, beliefs, and theories to undergo the process of officialisation so that they may be recognised as a part of Astronism.

Unique to The Institution is it Diversity of Thought policy which maintains that any person, whether scholarly or otherwise, can submit their conceptual proposal for consideration.

Forms of Astronism

With the establishment of the New Concept Development department, people from all across the world are constantly sending the New Concept Development team proposals for officialisation into Astronism.

With this introduction of new beliefs and terms into Astronism, the Astronist scholarship community developed a series of terms to categorise the beliefs within Astronism according to the time period in which they were officialised into Astronism.

  • Urastronism –– the beliefs and terms of Astronism that originated from the writings and teachings of Cometan and particularly those which developed during the first twenty years of Astronism's history.
  • Exoastronism –– the beliefs and terms that have been officialised into Astronism through the department of New Concept Development, especially those of non-Cometanic origin.
  • Intrastronism –– the beliefs and terms that are officialised into Astronism after the first twenty years of Astronism's history through the department of New Concept Development and that originate from Astronist scholarship, or from Cometan himself.
  • Post-Cometanism –– the beliefs and terms that are officialised into Astronism after the death of Cometan.

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