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A notable image of Cometan is a photograph taken of Cometan that has been classified by the Astronist Institution as being particularly poignant to the biography and life of Cometan. Photographs can only be classified as notable images by the Astronist Institution.

Notables images by chronology

# Month/Year Location Title
1 1st July 1998 Sharoe Green Unit, Preston, Lancashire The Birth of Cometan
2 18th October 1998 Brindle St Joseph's, Hoghton, Lancashire Christening of Cometan
3 2001 Brooklands, Hoghton, Lancashire Cometan & Grandfather
4 2001 239 Station Road, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire Cometan & Lucia Natalie
5 2001 239 Station Road, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire Cometan Toddler
6 2001 Brooklands, Hoghton, Lancashire Sleeping Cometan
7 2002 222 Longmeanygate, Leyland Cometan at 222 Longmeanygate
8 2002 Brooklands, Hoghton, Lancashire Cometan & Grandmother
9 2002 222 Longmeanygate, Leyland, Lancashire Grandmother & Cousin of Cometan
10 September 2002 St Mary & St Benedict's RC Primary School, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire Cometan's First Day at Primary School
11 September 2002 St Mary & St Benedict's RC Primary School, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire Cometan Primary School Portrait
12 2004 222 Longmeanygate, Leyland, Lancashire Cometan & Cousins
13 2005 222 Longmeanygate, Leyland, Lancashire First Holy Communion of Cometan
14 2006 Preston, Lancashire Modelling of Cometan
15 2008 10 Maple Drive, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire Cometan & Charlotte Sophia
16 June 2009 The Pines, Clayton Green, Lancashire Cometan & Mother
17 September 2012 Everglades City, Florida, USA Cometan at the Everglades
18 1st July 2013 Preston, Lancashire, England Cometan's 15th Birthday
19 May 2014 Brownedge St Mary's High School, Bamber Bridge, Lancashire Cometan's Final High School Portrait
20 July 2014 160 Cop Lane, Penwortham, Lancashire The Prom of Cometan
21 Summer 2014 222 Longmeanygate, Leyland, Lancashire Cometan & Siblings
22 July 2016 Kensington Palace, London Cometan at Kensington Palace
23 March 2017 195 Leyland Lane, Leyland, Lancashire Taylor Family Picture
24 25th December 2017 Lake Bled, Slovenia Cometan at Lake Bled
25 March 2018 Hoghton Tower, Lancashire First Portrait of Cometan
26 April 2018 Tiananmen Square, Beijing Cometan at Tiananmen Square
27 December 2018 St Gregory the Illuminator Church, Yerevan, Armenia Cometan at St Gregory the Illuminator Church, Yerevan
28 December 2018 St Gregory the Illuminator Church, Yerevan, Armenia Cosma & Cometan
29 December 2018 Armenian Genocide memorial, Yerevan Cometan at Tsitsernakaberd
30 July 2019 Hoghton Tower, Lancashire Black & White Cometan
31 July 2019 Hoghton Tower, Lancashire Cometan the Wondermenter
32 July 2019 University of Central Lancashire Graduation of Cometan
33 August 2019 Po Lin Monastery, Hong Kong Cometan at the Tian Tan Buddha
34 February 2020 MediaCityUK, Salford, England Cometan's First Television Appearance
35 February 2020 Preston Guild Hall Cometan & The Telescope
36 February 2020 Preston Guild Hall Cometan & The Orrery
37 July 2020 Brooklands Cometan's 22nd Birthday at Brooklands
38 July 2020 Merewood Country House Hotel Contemplating in the Merewood Orangery
39 August 2020 Italian Orchard Restaurant Cometan's Completion of Master's Dissertation
40 October 2020 Victoria Embankment Gardens, Charing Cross Cometan & The Great Moon of London
41 December 2020 Brooklands The Space Religion Lecture
42 March 2021 18 Rhodesway, Gregson Lane, Lancashire Cometan Films The Legacy Video of Monica Anne Bolton
43 April 2021 Brooklands Cometan at the First Vicinal Assembly
44 June 2021 The Ivy Spinningfields, Manchester Cometan Celebrates Turning 23
45 July 2021 Broughton, Lancashire Cometan's Armillary Sphere
46 July 2021 Broughton, Lancashire The Modern Scholar
47 August 2021 Birling Gap and the Seven Sisters Magical Cosmic Nights
48 August 2021 Eastbourne, East Sussex The Shadow of Cometan
49 August 2021 King's College, Cambridge Cometan's Cambridge Visit
50 September 2021 University of Central Lancashire, Preston Cometan Achieves His Master's Degree
51 November 2021 Arc de Triomphe, Paris Parisian Cometan
52 November 2021 Eiffel Tower, Paris An Evening Beside the Seine
53 November 2021 Louvre Museum, Paris Cometan at the Louvre

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