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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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A notion of logic is a type of universal conceptual postulating a statement that is in complete alignment with the principles and laws of logic and rationality. When a notion of logic is invoked in the context of a Millettic philosophical discussion or piece of writing, it is only considered to be subject to an irrational challenge meaning that the argument made against it cannot be as rational as the statement it is challenging.

Notions of logic are characterised by their short, simplistic and succinct points as it is believed that the more words or explanation ascribed to a notion, the more likely a rational argument will be able to oppose it. For this reason, notions of logic are most often short and simple statements. One of the most prominent examples of a notion of logic was written in The Omnidoxy in support of theism.

"For something to have been created, it must have had a creator."