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Cover for Astronism and The Future of Religion.

Cover for Astronism: A Space Religion.

Cover for The Eschatology & Soteriology of Astronism.

Cover for When Religion Goes Extraterrestrial.

Cover for Astral Mysticism & The Journey to Astrosis.

Cover for The Dynamics & Foundations of Astronism.

Cover for Total Immersion into Astronism.

The Original Astronist Lecture Series, also referred to as the Original Cometanic Lectures, is a series of seven lecture presentations created and given by Cometan towards the end of the Founding era and during the beginning of the Establishment era that explored some of the fundamentals of the Astronist philosophy and religion. These lectures were given to a series of people, including students of colleges and universities, as well as to the general public.

This series of presentations were published as commemorations for the run up to the end of Astronism's Founding era and were meant to capture Astronism as it existed at the end of this important era in broader Astronist history.

Series by presentation

The Original Astronist Lecture Series
No. Title Topics covered Date of creation No. of slides
1 Astronism and The Future of Religion Delineating Astronism, Astronic tradition, and the question of the future of religion. January to May 2020 39
2 Astronism: A Space Religion Delineating some Astronist concepts and beliefs, space religion designation. October to November 2020 22
3 The Eschatology & Soteriology of Astronism Explaining and exploring Astronist beliefs regarding destiny of humankind and the afterlife as well as Astronist views on salvation. December 2020 to January 2021 28
4 When Religion Goes Extraterrestrial Explores how religion and science fiction have interacted in recent decades, highlights how Astronist beliefs relate to some of these interactions, Astronic tradition. February 2021 32
5 Astral Mysticism & The Journey to Astrosis The mystical tradition with Astronism, the nature and fundamental components of astrosis, and mystical experiences with regards to the astronomical world. March 2021 32
6 The Dynamics & Foundations of Astronism Meta-Astronist theory, astrogenology, anti-Astronism, internal workings of Astronist belief system, functions and features of Astronism, cosmocentrism. March 2021 31
7 Total Immersion into Astronism A complete and in-depth analysis of Astronism as it exists at the end of the Founding era. April to May 2021 TBA

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