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Orion Stone Age Star Chart

əˈrʌɪən stəʊn eɪdʒ stɑː tʃɑːt

noun | Archaeoastronology

a prehistoric Astronic specimen dated to at least 30,500 BCE found at Ach Valley, Germany; a sliver of mammoth tusk featuring an engraved man-like figure resembling the Orion constellation and at least four columns of cup marks on the specimen’s rear side, interpreted either as stars or the tracking of Moon phases.

Derivatives and alternative phrases

  • Orion Mammoth Tusk | noun
  • Orion Palaeolithic Star Chart | noun

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the title Orion Stone Age Star Chart, was created by Cometan during his initial phase of scholarship regarding the prehistoric origins of the Astronic tradition.