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The padron is the title of the leader of the worldwide Astronist Institution and as such, is the ceremonial head of the Astronist religion. The concept of padronry finds its origins in the Founding years of Astronism through the writings and works of the religion's founder, Cometan, who was himself bestowed the title of First Padron, and is the current sitting padron of the Institution.

The official office of the padron is known as the padronship which, under Institutional law, must be occupied by only one person at all times, hence before the sitting padron abdicates or dies, a new padron must be elected beforehand so that the office is never vacant. It is the sitting padron who has an important responsibility to confer the padronship to their successor.

The padron of the Astronist Institution works both alongside The Governing Ministry, known as the office of governorship, and the office of kinship. These three offices form what is known as The Hyperstructure, or the internal governmental system of the Astronist Institution. Each office is allotted a specific weighting in influence across all the Institution's operations with the padronship office holding the most weighting at forty percent of the overall vote.