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The Pentadoxy

The original cover of The Pentadoxy created by Cometan.

Part of a series on the

The Grand Centrality


1. Introduction to Xentology

2. The Study of Ambition

3. The Study of Enlightenment

4. Terminological Discourse

5. General Sopharial Visitation Protocol

6. The Transpersonal Identity of Astronism

7. The Grand Precepts of Astration

8. The Grand Journals of Philosophies & Ideologies

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The Pentadoxy, also known by its trade title The Pentadoxy: The Principles of Ambition & Enlightenment, or also referred to as the Fifth Disquisition, is the fifth disquisition of twelve disquisitions that form the over one million word long philosophical treatise known as The Omnidoxy whose sole authorship rests with the mononymous philosopher, Cometan.