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Not to be confused with the personhood of Cometan.

 In Cometanology, the personage of Cometan, also known as a metaphorical personage, is a particular perception and conception of the role of Cometan in relation to the Astronist religion. Personages of Cometan are formed by collections of aligned narratives that present and depict Cometan in a particular light. As such, there are many personages of Cometan that have developed and continue to be developed both my Astronists and non-Astronists alike. 

Personages consider what Cometan is while personhood considers how he is as an individual person particularly as distinct from his role in Astronism; essentially, the ontology of Cometan (Cometan's state of being). In turn, the personhood of Cometan is considered less embellished than many personages of Cometan as personages are concerned with the adoption of narratives about Cometan that can be connected to Astronist belief. 

A personage of Cometan that is dominant becomes the persona and public identity of Cometan as a religious figure. The vast majority of Cometanic personages incorporates a sense of chosenness afforded to Cometan as manifested by his ability and vision to prolifically write so as to create the Omnidoxy

Cometanic narration[]

Cometanic narration is the part of Cometanology dealing with the various different ways in which Cometan's life, personality and role is depicted and written of.

  • Personage – his role (what) 
  • Personhood – his ontology (how) 
  • Personality – his identity (who) 
  • Personalty – his location (where) 
  • Personalism – his chronology (when) 
  • Persona – his rationale (why)  
  • Personnel – his office (position)  
  • Personation – his titles (name)