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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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The Philosophical Spirit is the central element of the ethos of the Astronist belief system. As a concept, it exists throughout the Astronist philosophical tradition and refers to a set of principles in close association with the development of Astronist metaphilosophy as well as the reascensionist movement. These principles or guidelines are created as a set of characteristics that are considered to be in alignment with how a philosophy or a philosopher, or someone following a philosophy, should act. These characteristics are most often established in contradistinction to the characteristics of religions and their followers which demonstrates another attempt of Astronism to distance itself from being classified as a religion.

It can be described as a guide for how philosophy should be practiced as well as what may or may not be deemed as philosophical by its nature, character, and behaviour, either in relation to a person, a concept, or an organisation.