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The philosophy industry, or industry of philosophy, refers to a industrial conglomeration and a newly formed, immature and cyclical sector involving all philosophies that proclaim an organised status and are actively generating funds through many different incomes streams under the auspices of their own institutions. This industrial sector also encompasses any product that involves some form of philosophy and by this notion, the sector ranges across several different industries including publishing, religious organisation, retailing etc. The origins of the philosophy industry exist in The Omnidoxy and during the formation of the Millettic philosophical tradition. The founder of this tradition, Cometan, took a particularly new approach to metaphilosophy as he considered it in terms of commercialisation and the need for his own philosophy, known as Astronism, to be able to exist independently in practical financial terms.

Origins of the industry

The origins of the philosophy industry began with the philosopher, Cometan, who at age nineteen quickly realised as his philosophy known as Astronism was begin to maturely form that he would need to be able to support himself and his girlfriend financially by the philosophy of his creation as he had dedicated his life as a vocation to the establishment of Astronism, also known as The Philosophy of Millettism.

Whilst still at university, Cometan struggled with the question of how he would be able to galvanise himself an income from the philosophy he was still creating. He visited many different local universities, including his own, the University of Central Lancashire, to speak to many different lecturers from related subjects about the best way for him to tackle this issue. Although all of the academics he spoke to acknowledged, understood, and even supported his mission to create his own self-funding philosophy, none of them could provide him with infrastructure he needed to become the founder of an organised philosophy and to be able to create an income from the role. With his naive enthusiasm and the fearlessness that had driven him thus far in this philosophership, Cometan started to create a business plan for his developing philosophy including all the different potential income streams, and he also began to dedicate more time to the application of business models and marketing theories to the context of Astronism. During this time, he is quoted with saying that "as there are no guidelines, I shall create my own and as there is no industry for what I have vocated myself to, I shall create my own industry." From there, the philosophy industry was born and continues to develop to this day.