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Praxology, also known as orthopraxeology, is a dispositional discipline of study dealing with the extent and quality of the practical, skills-based abilities and mentalities that adherents of Astronism are provided with for being part of the organised philosophy. Praxology encompasses a large variety of subject areas and is closely connected both with Meta-Astronism and with the Astronist philosophy of religion, particularly the psychology of religion.

Some main aspects of study and development for praxologists (which are studied from the Astronist perspective by default but may be considered from a general perspective of religion) include the following:

  • Astronism and business
  • Astronism and education
  • Astronism and employability
  • Astronism and mental health
  • Astronism and mentality
  • Astronism and skills

Praxologists to look towards the intersection and interaction between Astronism and the development of skills, mentality, and employability as a result of the services provided by Astronism.

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