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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Reascensionism, also known as the reascensionist movement, is one of The Seven Tenets of Association of Astronism and exists as a metaphilosophical belief orientation that focuses on the notion that philosophy has been fundamentally devalued, undermined, and presented in such a way in modern society that it remains inaccessible to the masses, and essentially without practical applicability which is principally blamed on the professionalisation of the discipline in the 20th century. Reascensionist thought rejects such notions about what philosophy is and supports the notion for the return of philosophy as the central pillar of society, as well as the primary repairer of current social and cultural issues facing many countries.

Reascensionism is therefore the fundamental belief of Millettarian Philosophy that forms the basis of how The Philosophy of Millettism and its followers are to approach metaphilosophical issues. Reascensionists are to call for the reinstitutionalisation of philosophy as a prominent social motivator and cultural mover and reascensionists are generally considered to support the belief orientation of antiprofessionalisationism which has been directly inspired by the reascensionist movement.