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Astronist philosophy of religion

Recognitionism, or recognitionist thought, is a theory founded by Cometan and a related approach to the management of conditions of freedom of religion or belief around the world. The theory regards state recognition of belief systems and the religious, spiritual and philosophical identities of its citizens to comprise a central role in the sustainment of positive conditions for religious liberty.

Recognitionists advocate for the establishment of a more adaptive style of recognition system, one that is receptive to emerging new religious movements and philosophical beliefs among it citizens. Recognitionism asserts recognition as a fundamental component of democracy, multiculturalism, and pluralism and regards the "right to recognition" as having been intimidated in various international human rights instruments regarding freedom of religion or belief; essentially, that true advocation for freedom of religion or belief is contingent on recognition of minorities.

History of recognitionism

The concept of recognitionism first emerged during Cometan’s composition of the Omnidoxy, specifically the second disquisition called the Duodoxy. However, the theory was only first developed in Cometan's doctoral research in November 2020 and was later more clearly formalised in 2021 and beyond.

Recognitionism by country

This section gives an account of the current extent of implementation that recognitionist to religious recognition have received around the world.

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