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Religious concentricity is a post-omnidoxical theory and framework of Cometanic origin that is categorised as part of the Astronist philosophy of religion. It states that a useful way to understand religions is to organise the often confusing myriad of beliefs forming such religions into three categories to form a concentric structure. The three categories are as follows:

  • Ultimation - the single most important goal of the religion.
  • Core - beliefs central to the religion, often including the worldview.
  • Miderior - beliefs that have developed as a secondary element or consequence of the central beliefs.
  • Periphery - beliefs that have developed out of tradition and whose connection to the central beliefs is questioned.

The origins of this framework are undoubtedly connected to Cometan's fascination with the concentric structure of The Solar System and how many terrestrial and astronomical phenomena seem to follow a concentric shape.

It is considered that the less beliefs included in the core category the easier it will be to understand the entire religion. Therefore, the core category is often limited to three at the most.

In application to Astronism, religious concentricity would generally result in the following:

Astronist ultimation:

Astronist core:

Astronist miderior:

Astronist periphery:

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