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Richard Cottam (February 15, 1903 – February 12, 1958) was an English millworker and the maternal great-grandfather of Cometan born in the city of Preston in Lancashire, England. He married Jane Turner in and had two children, Kevin and Hilda in 1936 and 1937 respectively.

In Cometanic ancestry, Richard is classified as part of the 3rd generation retrograde, thus categorising him as an ancestor of Cometan. He was a champion crown baller. He used to be in the balling team for Preston Tyre Fabric and he won a cup for the competition which was displayed in Preston Harris Museum in the 1940s. 

He contracted pulmonary tuberculosis and was one of the first people to receive the surgery of thoracoplasty in England although in the end, he died of lung cancer. Richard died at Sharoe Green Hospital in Preston on 12th February 1958.