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The term scopation holds two primary functions within the context of the soteriology of Astronism. First among these is that it relates to the act of grasping an opportunity to progress towards transcension. Essentially, scopation denotes the making use of scope.

It is also categorised as one of three transcensional dynamics, regarded as the first in the chronology of the process of transcension. It describes the first part of transcension that began as a result of the scope of man and namely involves the provision of the unmerited conferments of scope and astronality. It is held that if the Controversion had not occurred, then humanity might already have risen to transcensia already.

However, scopation was derailed in its process by the prevalence of the Controversion; scopation needs to be re-established for contemporary relevance in order for the process of transcension itself to be re-established. This process of re-establishment is regarded as achieved through placementation, Astronism’s placement of man.


  • Scopate (verb)
  • Scopated (past participle)
  • Scopating (present participle)

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