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The Vendox, the primary symbol of Astronism.

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Scope is a concept of central importance to the Astronist belief system, so much so that it is often given the colloquial title of being Astronism's "governing concept." Scope is classified as a conferment. It denotes the opportunity of the present moment to engage with astronality, regarded as afforded to all humankind by the events of the scope of man. Positive scope is almost always the default kind of scope referred to when the term "scope" is used; this is in contrast with term phrase negative scope.

Forms of scope

  • Positive scope – the opportunity to do something.
  • Negative scope – the opportunity not to do something.
  • Merited scope – scope that is brought about through acting on scope.


  • Scopic (adjective) – relating to scope.
  • Scopical
  • Scopically (adverb)

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