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Official Cover of Season 2 of A Conversation with Cometan.

Season 2 of A Conversation with Cometan is the second instalment in the series A Conversation with Cometan, an online video series hosted by Cometan and in which guests are interviewed and discussions take place or where Cometan develops a lecture either on Astronism, the Astronic tradition, space religion and philosophy, or freedom of religion or belief.

The second season premiered on 15th March 2021, just over one month following the end of Season 1. Season 2 follows a similar format to Season 1 in that it is comprised of a mixture of long-form discussions and interviews alongside lecture presentation from Cometan. Season 2 is set to end on 16th August 2021 with its nineteenth episode.

Gallery of Season 2 of A Conversation with Cometan episodes

List of Season 2 of A Conversation with Cometan episodes

# Title Guest(s) Type Viewership (YouTube only) Date of recording Date of publication
1 Astronautic Humanism & The Vision for a Space Renaissance Adriano Autino Standard: Long-form discussion 51 14th February 2021 15th March 2021
2 When Religion Goes Extraterrestrial Dr. Carl Morris and the UCLan Religion, Culture and Society cohort Special: Lecture, Q&A and discussion 14 4th March 2021 22nd March 2021
3 Scope of Man & Distractions of the World N/a Singular format 12 14th February 2021 29th March 2021
4 Cometan at The First Vicinal Assembly Adriano Autino, Alberto Cavallo, Giulio Prisco, Paul Ziolo, Steven Wolfe, Tsvi Bisk Special: vicinal assembly 56 25th April 2021 26th April 2021
5 Astral Mysticism & The Journey to Astrosis N/a Special: lecture N/a 26th April 2021 3rd May 2021
6 The Dynamics & Foundations of Astronism N/a Special: lecture N/a 27th April 2021 10th May 2021
7 Total Immersion into Astronism: Astrosoteriology n/a Special: lecture n/a 1st June 2021 11th June 2021
8 Total Immersion into Astronism: Astronist Philosophy & Defining Astronism n/a Special: lecture n/a 3rd June 2021 14th June 2021
9 The Politics of Space Law & Human Rights Steven Wolfe Standard: Long-form discussion and interview n/a 14th June 2021 18th June 2021
10 Total Immersion into Astronism: The Astronic Tradition n/a Special: lecture n/a 5th June 2021 21st June 2021
11 Total Immersion into Astronism: Cosmology of Astronism & Astronist Theology n/a Special lecture: n/a 6th June 2021 28th June 2021
12 Commencing the Establishment Era n/a Singular format n/a 1st July 2021 1st July 2021
13 Total Immersion into Astronism: Astroeschatology n/a Special: lecture n/a 6th-7th June 2021 5th July 2021
14 Total Immersion into Astronism: Prismatics, Astroncy & Meta-Astronist Theory n/a Special: lecture n/a 7th-8th June 2021 12th July 2021
15 Global Recognition of Religion or Belief n/a Special: lecture n/a 1st July 2021 19th July 2021
16 Thoughts on the Decline of Religion in the West n/a Singular format n/a 6th July 2021 26th July
17 Cometan at the 2021 Terasem Space Day Giulio Prisco, Namrata Goswami, Natasha Vita-More, Rachel Lyons,

Steven Wolfe

Special: lecture n/a 20th July 2021 2nd August 2021
18 Astronomy in World Religion Michael York
  • Standard: Long-form discussion and interview
  • Bonus episode
n/a 10th July 2021 9th August 2021
19 Settling Space, Expanding Minds Philip van Nedervelde
  • Standard: Long-form discussion and interview
  • Bonus episode
n/a 14th July 2021 16th August 2021

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