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Semantics of irreligiosity is a post-omnidoxical branch of the Astronist philosophy of religion that is of Cometanic origin. It relates to the study and exploration of the meanings of terms within irreligion in an attempt to distinguish terms from one another.

It originated post-omnidoxically by Cometan as he saw issues with the overlapping of terms in the context of the study of irreligion. Cometan advocated for an expansion of scholarly works regarding irreligiosity so as to better understand the phenomenon.

Terms within irreligion

Atheism – theological position rejecting the concept of God.

Non-theism – religious or philosophical system in which the concept of God is not a central aspect, but neither is it rejected.

Antireligion – aversion to religion and the advocation for the discontinuation of religions.

Irreligion/Irreligious – indifference to one's own religious beliefs or to the beliefs espoused by a particular religion.

Anti-theism – advocation for the elimination of theism.

Anti-clericalism – opposed to the political influence of religious institutions.