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Copy of The Hexadoxy Cover

The original cover for The Septidoxy, the seventh disquisition of The Omnidoxy.

Part of a series on the

The Grand Centrality


1. Introduction to Expology

2. Expological Investigation

3. Philosophical Astronomy & Scientific Astronomy

4. The Study of Millettic/Astronic Hobbies

5. The Cosmodora

6. The Appellations for The Study of Astronism & The Recategorisation of Astrology

7. Contiguant Philosophy

8. Astronism By Country

9. Astronism By U.S. State

10. The Motional Nature of Astronism

11. The Nature of Philosophership

12. The Psychonautics of Astronism

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The Septidoxy, known by its trade title as The Septidoxy: The Principles of Cosmic Exploration, or also known as the Heptadoxy, Septodoxy, Septadoxy, or as the Seventh Disquisition, is a major philosophical disquisition for the philosophy of Astronism as the seventh instalment of the Omnidoxy. Its importance is manifested by the topic of its address which focuses on the nature, practicality, events, beliefs, theories, and inventions involved and predicted to be involved with the Humanic Exploration of The Cosmos.