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A sophariate (/ˈsɒfe(ə)rɪɪt/) is an administrative unit and one of the seven dimensions of the Astronist Institution resembling second-level administrative divisions of a country. Sophariates are overseen by subsidariates (which resemble first-level administrative divisions) which are themselves managed by superiates (which resemble nationwide offices).

Sophariates are the second smallest administrative unit of the Institution as some countries consist of manoriates which are divisions are sophariates resembling third-level administrative divisions. Countries that do not possess sophariates due to their small size or for some other reasons are referred to as nonalities (e.g. Yemen, Marshall Islands, Nauru etc.)

Regarded and sometimes referred to as the Fifth Tier or Fifth Dimension of the Astronist Institution, sophariates are the main local office of the Astronist Institution and are therefore an integral aspect of the Institution's local operations. Sophariates are the most numerous of the Institution's administrative offices.