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This article is about the fictional Spacefaring World of the Jesse Millette franchise.
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Spacefaring, also colloquially referred to as "touching the stars", was the action and activity of travelling in space which become associated with its own culture, industry, and nomenclature. The spacefaring industry came to dominate The Earth's economy after the commodification of the wider industry of space had occurred. Society became fixated around the activity of spacefaring as it become highly fashionable and desirable to go spacefaring for different reasons according to one's place in society.

The rich upper classes would take spacefaring trips as extended holidays or would even embark on a permanent spacefaring voyage whereby they would not return to The Earth for a large number of years, if ever. Others worked aboard large spacecraft in various jobs and levels of command while the most disadvantaged in society dreamed of "touching the stars", although often had to resort to illegal activities by paying off illegal spacefarers to guarantee a space aboard their starship.

Forms of spacefaring[]

Destination spacefaring - a type of spacefaring wherein the final destination is known and planned.

Spacetrotting - the practice of going spacefaring without a particular intended destination in mind; considered a very dangerous endeavour.

Stellar spacefaring

Safariing - spacefaring for a holiday, especially to see cosmic progeny and phenomena.

Profaring - spacefaring for religious reasons.

Reconning - spacefaring at its most dangerous; going to uncharted territories in space.

Prospecting - spacefaring for the purpose of prospection in its many forms of bioprospection etc.

Roving - a form of spacefaring wherein government officials scout for new worlds to civilise, search for exiled criminals, or the IDs of spacefarers passing through waystation.

Religious influence[]