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This article is about the fictional Spacefaring World of the Jesse Millette franchise.
However, some elements of this article may be in reference to the non-fictional beliefs held
within Astronism which should be indicated wherever relevant.

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The Spacefaring World, formerly known as the Millettarian World, the Jesse Millette universe, or the World of Jesse Millette, sometimes colloquially referred to by fans as the Astroverse, and often referred to in a real-world context as the Jesse Millette franchise, is a Cometanic media franchise comprising of the fictional universe created by Cometan in which Jesse Millette resides and in which all Millettarian fictional literature (thought not all Cometanic fiction) is set. The copyright for the Spacefaring World name and brand is currently one-hundred percentage held by The Jesse Millette Company.

History of the franchise

The Spacefaring World franchise holds its roots with the author and philosopher, Cometan, who wrote The Original Jesse Millette Series. It was from this series that the Spacefaring World became inspired in order to create an entire fictional universal in which Jesse and all other Millettarian characters resided.

Specifically, the Spacefaring World term and concept originated as a result of the astronisation of the Jesse Millette franchise that took place six years after the initial idea for the Jesse Millette character was thought of by Cometan when he was fifteen years old. The Spacefaring World became the banner and overarching brand for the world in which Jesse Millette resided and would become the world in which all Millettarian fiction was set.


The central character of the Spacefaring World franchise is Jesse Millette followed by other four Millettarian characters: Ellena Chadwell, Oliver Mehler, Zara Litchford, and Harriet Millette.