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Synoty is the Astronist terminological system for the combination of words from English and other languages, especially Chinese and other East Asian languages. The synotic form of a title or a word is a transitional state between a word's English version and the translation of that word in another language.

The first example of a synotic word form came about with the translation of the title of the Omnidoxy into Chinese by Cometan and Heastward. With the translation of the Omnidoxy into Chinese resulting in Quánjīng as the pinyin translation, an alternative arose which used the English prefix "omni-" instead of the Chinese word "quán" which created the first synotic word form as the Omnijīng, a combination of the English prefix with a Chinese suffix.

During this time, Cometan noticed that there was a midway point in the translation process in which the term being translated was half English and half the translated language, hence the introduction of the synotic form.

At the time of the development of the synotic form of words, Cometan understood that this would be the future of language following the mass globalisation that had occurred in the late 20th-century and had continued into the 21st-century. Cometan foresaw the synotisation of world languages in which new words would emerge and a new single global language would form.


Synotisation is the process of two languages combining together over the course of hundreds of years to form a single language.