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The Beatification Story of Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor, alternatively stylised The Beatific Story of Irene Mary & Derrick Taylor, or simply referred to as The Beatification Story, or The Beatific Story, is an upcoming book set to be published by Cometanica, a subsidiary publisher of the Astronist Institution, and is being written by Cometan. The book will provide a biographical account for paternal grandmother of Cometan, Irene Mary Taylor, and it will set out the Cause for her Beatification.

The book will deal with a discussion of Irene's life, an in-depth investigation into her piety, the role of religion in her domestic life, and her influence over the childhood and subsequent religiosity of her grandson, Cometan. These topics will lead onto broader discussions of how Irene's Traditionalist Catholic life resembled a contention with the modern world and how the Cause for her Beatification is deeply intertwined not only with the beliefs of Opus Dei, but also with the works and identity of her grandson, Cometan.

A publication date for this book has not yet been officially been announced by Cometanica.


The title of the book was The Beatification Story of Irene Mary Taylor from 2020 to 2021 but in late 2021, the book title was changed prior to its 2022 publication to include Derrick Taylor in the title.