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Part of a series on Millettarian cosmology and
The Cosmos

The Cosmos

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The Cosmos, also appellated as The Beyond, The Divine Product, and in sometimes is known as The Great Equaliser, is one of the most common terms in Astronic philosophy and is classified as an appellation and is used synonymously for the mainstream terms of space and the universe in non-Astronic contexts. The Cosmos is the primary domain within the Millettarian cosmology and is the realm in which we as humans reside.

Astronist understandings from the Omnidoxy hold that the nature of The Cosmos is fundamentally limited due to the Cosmic Limitation Principle and so any notion of eternality or infiniteness is denied in Astronism in relation to anything existent within The Cosmos. Therefore, to hold a cosmic nature is subsequently to be considered as limited and transient meanwhile to hold universal nature is to be considered unlimited and permanent.

Other appellations[]

The Beyond[]

The Divine Product[]

an alternative appellation for The Cosmos, especially relating to its status as a product of Divine creation.

The Great Equaliser[]

Cosmic existence[]

The state and fact of existing with a cosmos and therefore abiding to the rules of cosmicity.