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For the event this art piece depicts, see Dedication of Cometan.

The Dedication of Cometan, also referred to as Cometan's Great Dedication, is a 2021 art piece by David Young that was commissioned by the Astronist Institution that depicts the 2016 incumbential event of the Dedication of Cometan.

Official description[]

Provided below is the Astronist Institution's official description to accompany the publication of this art piece on 29th April 2021:

"This art piece commissioned by the Astronist Institution returns us to the night of the 1st July 2016, specifically the stroke of midnight in the bedroom of the Founder of Astronism, Cometan. He has just in these moments turned eighteen, signalling his entry into adulthood. Having officially founded Astronism exactly three years prior, Cometan's motivation to continue with the endeavour of his new religion has seen some degree of turmoil and doubt in the mind of this still very young figure.

However, upon experiencing further ideations which resulted in indrucy on this very astral of nights, Cometan, at this moment of his entry into adulthood, dedication his entire adult life henceforth to the founding, establishment, dissemination, and study of his Astronist faith. This event in Cometan's life reinvigorated his commitment to the endeavouring of developing Astronism into a formal belief system and has since been classified as one of the incumbential events in the life of Cometan, officially called the Dedication of Cometan.

This Dedication of Cometan at the age of eighteen has been emblematic of Cometan's now unwavering commitment to seeing through the establishment and recognition Astronism the world over. This event of the Dedication of Cometan is so important because it laid the foundations and overall tone of Cometan's life thereafter. It made intertwined the life of Cometan with the successful development of Astronism from which there was no going back, no excuses; Astronism was be fully founded and fully disseminated and Cometan would do all he could in his physical and mental power to achieve just that. Astronists are free to use the example of the Dedication of Cometan in their own lives, whether this be used to ignite or accelerate their journey to astrosis and the eventual transcension of humanity, or whether this be used in secular aspects of a person's life, particularly in their facing of hardships and sufferations.

The Astronist Institution thanks David Young, a truly British artist, for his own dedication in bringing the life of Cometan to the art canvas. Commendations to David for this wondrous art piece as we all here at the Institution look forward to continuing our creative works with you."

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