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Timeline of Astronism

Cometanic Chronology
The Gift (2013) · Ignorance (2014) · Enlightenment (2015) · Expansion (2016) · Consolidation (2017) · Prolifics (2018) · Completion (2019) · Manifestation (2020)
The Founding of Astronism
South Asia · Southeast Asia · Central Asia · East Asia · Middle East · Arab world · North Africa · Central Africa · East Africa · Southern Africa · West Africa · Eastern Europe · Northern Europe · Southern Europe · Western Europe · Melanesia · Micronesia · Polynesia
The Establishment of Astronism
Afghanistan · Albania · Algeria · Andorra · Angola · Antigua and Barbuda · Argentina
The Dissemination of Astronism
Abkhazia · American Samoa · Anguilla · Aruba · Bermuda · Bonaire · Cayman Islands · Falkland Islands
Early Astronism
Abkhazia · American Samoa
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The Founding of Astronism, also colloquially named the eight year revelation (not to be confused with the event of the Eight Year Revelation), or simply as the Founding era, is the first period in the chronology of Astronism and is an historical period of time which remains greatly intertwined and dependent upon the narrative and life events of Cometan. Astronism was founded in 2013 by Cometan which ignited the beginning of this Founding era.

The Founding of Astronism is a time period which encompasses the formative years of the organised philosophy, particularly between the years of 2013 and 2020. The Founding of Astronism is therefore characterised by the philosophy's initial conceptual developments, namely in branches of theology and philosophy. The Founding era is set to end on 1st July 2021 to harken the period to be known as The Establishment of Astronism.