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The Institutional Dictionary of Astronism First Edition Cover

Standard Cover for the First Edition of The Institutional Dictionary of Astronism.

The Institutional Dictionary of Astronism, titularly known as The Great Dictionary, is a 2021 pre-Astrodoxical Cometanic reference work published by the Astronist Institution providing dictionary entries focusing on the entirety of the Astronist belief system to mark the end of the Founding era.

This Institutional Dictionary is classified as part of a broader collection of works published by the Astronist Institution called the Institutional Reference Works. It is known that the First Edition of the Institutional Dictionary of Astronism was composed by Cometan by way of his experience of a celestial mode.

Details of First Edition[]

  • Publisher: Astral Publishing
  • Number of pages: 882
  • Number of terms: over 9,000
  • Total word count: 243,654
  • Period of composition: December 2020 – March 2021

Preface of the First Edition[]

It has been a pleasure to compose this very first Institutional Dictionary covering the vast majority of Astronist terms that have emerged during the Founding era. As this is the First Edition, we must remember that it will continue to improve and expand as its editions progress. I’m proud to present this dictionary to the world for those wish to grasp the depth of Astronism and I’m sure this dictionary will be positively received. Each definition has been authoritatively created via an intensive celestial mode experienced by myself. Each definition has been composed to the best of my current knowledge and ability in defining these many aspects of the Astronist philosophy and religion. In years to come, we will reflect on this very First Edition as the starting point of a special series of books called the Institutional Reference Works that present the Astronist way of life in a new, unique form for people young and old to understand. I hope you enjoy reading these definitions just as much as I have enjoyed establishing this extensive work.Cometan, founder of Astronism and padron incumbent of the Astronist Institution

Cometanic quote in the preface[]

"Up there is a new world,

up there is our future,

up there is our destiny." – Cometan


Editions of the Institutional Dictionary of Astronism
Author Editions
Cometan Year: 2021

No. of terms: 9,000

Word count: 243,776

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