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1. Omnidoxical Formulation

2. The Grand Canon of Millettism

3. Bibliography of the Omnidoxy

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7. The Grand Lexicon of Astronology

8. Omnidoxical Encyclopaedia of Astronism

9. The Millettarian Methodology

10. The Omnipraxy

11. The Appendadoxy: Inaugurological Astronism

12. The First Millettarian: The Foundations of Taylorianism

13. The Notations of Brandon Taylorian

14. The Statement of Amendments

15. The Declaration of Allegiance

16. The Importance of Institution

17. The Entwinement of Faith

18. The Edict of Universal Values

19. The Note on the Encouragement of Expansion

20. The Final Affirmation of Loyalty and Compliance

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The Astronist Methodology, also commonly known as The Millettarian Methodology, is an omnidoxical document organised as a non-disquisitional part of the Omnidoxy and is featured as the ninth segment of the Appendix of the Omnidoxy. It addresses a vast range of subjects, each of which is ascribed a particular methodology. Some of these subjects include public relations, economics, politics, governance, business management, and accounting.

One of the most important functions of The Millettarian Methodology is its introduction to Millettarianism as the ideological branch of Astronism. The Millettarian Methodology is considered to be one of the founding documents of Astronic ideology and forms the foundations of much of how The People's Constitutional Company of Jesse Millette and The Institution of The Philosophy of Millettism are expected to practically operate in various spheres.

Much criticism has been directed towards The Millettarian Methodology since its publication as part of the Original Cometanic Edition of the Omnidoxy. The majority of such criticism resides in the notion that The Millettarian Methodology remains incomplete and without sufficient elaboration of its ideas. This has been addressed by its author, Cometan, who insists that the elaboration of The Millettarian Methodology will take place in post-omnidoxical works.

Sections of The Millettarian Methodology

The Millettarian Marketing Methodology

The Millettarian Public Relations Methodology

The Millettarian Economic Methodology

The Millettarian Banking Methodology

The Millettarian Accounting Methodology

The Millettarian Management Methodology

The Millettarian Employment Methodology

The Millettarian Governance Methodology

The Millettarian Education Methodology

The Millettarian Commercial Methodology