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The Divine

Realms and existences

Three essential existences
The Divine · The Cosmos · The Universe

Three lesser existences
The Mytra · The Betwixity · The Chaos

Three subservient existences
The Metakosmia · The Metagalaxy · The Omniverse

Main concepts, debates and beliefs

Orthodoxical beliefs
Admirationism · Universal createdness · Divine sustainment · Divine interpenetration · Cosmic periphery · Uncreatedness · Triadism · Omnicreativity · Isolated evolution · Cosmological categorisation

Heterodoxical beliefs
The Multiverse · Linear infiniteness · Createdness

Primary contributors and their texts

The Omnidoxy

Related topics
Astronism and creationism · Astronic cosmological comparisons · Cosmology · Eternal return in Astronism

In the Astronic cosmology, The Multiverse is a belief orientation opposed to the existence of The Omniverse holding that there exists a multitude yet only a finite amount of cosmoses within The Universe. This is rejected as part of Astronist belief due to its apparent denial of the infinite nature of The Universe.

The Multiverse - the notion and belief of the existence of a finite number of cosmoses being part of The Universe as opposed to there existing an infinite amount of cosmoses which is upheld by The Omniverse; related terms are multiversal, multiversally, and multiversality.