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This article is about the fictional Spacefaring World of the Jesse Millette franchise.
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The Original Jesse Millette Series, also referred to as The Jesse Millette Series, The Jesse Millette Mysteries, The Jesse Millette Mystery Stories, or simply as The Original Series, is a series of mystery stories solely authored by Cometan comprised of a total of twenty books chronicling the life and adventures of the fictional mystery detective, Jesse Millette.

After the astronisation of the series occurred during a period of extensive revision, the setting of the books changed to a quasi-futuristic Earth in which Jesse and the four other Millettarian characters witness spacecraft jetting off in the sky as they solve their mysteries and in which the society is distinctly cosmocentric. This astronisation demonstrates the influence of the philosophy of Astronism over the theme and identity of the series as the philosophy also formed alongside the books during the same period.

The series, in tandem with The Grand Centrality, laid the foundations of the Millettarian literary tradition and also formulated the identity of wider Millettarian culture.

Publishing history[]

Inspiration for The Original Jesse Millette Series is widely known to have come from both the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories and The Hardy Boys Mystery Stories. Their influence over the Jesse Millette series is easily seen with the clean-cut characteristics of Jesse, the use of a classic illustration style, and the use of third person to structure the storylines.


The author of The Original Jesse Millette Series rests with the British philosopher and the founder of Astronism, Cometan. His authorship of the series began when he was fifteen years of age after experiencing a series of ideations and revelations about his character. He experimented with different world-building techniques and writing styles as he was continuously introduced to new authors with different approaches to the structuring of their work.


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Jesse Millette[]

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Ellena Chadwell[]

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Zara Litchford[]

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Oliver Mehler[]

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Timeline of recurring characters[]

Timeline of recurring characters in The Original Jesse Millette Series
Book 1 2
Jesse Millette Main
Ellena Chadwell Main
Zara Litchford Main
Madelyn Hurst Minor Mentioned
Rose Hurst Minor
Oliver Mehler Main
Richard Millette Mentioned Minor
Cora Nixon Minor


# Title Pub. Edition Author
n/a Secrets of Millette Hall Never published n/a Cometan
1 The Phantom's Curse 2017 Precursory Cometan
2 Missing Man of Loch Ness 2023 First Cometan

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