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The Grand Centrality


1. Compendological Introduction

2. The Journey Through The Cosmos

3. Functionalities of Progeny & Phenomena

4. The Future of the World

5. The Centrality of Big History

6. The Centrality of Gravitation

7. The Philosophy of The Grand Cosmos

8. The Centrality of Wonderment

9. The Cosmic Alchemy

10. The Cosmographics

11. Observable & Unobservable Cosmos

12. The History & Future of Astronomy

13. The Philosophy of The Cosmos

14. The Stars of The Cosmos

15. The Educative Mission

16. The Prospection Principles

17. The Cosmical Schematism

18. Formationism & Evolutionism

19. The Systems of The Cosmos

20. The Cosmic Territories

21. Habitabilitism

22. The Seven Tenets of Association

23. The Five Bonds of Society

24. Dark Matter & Energy Understanding

25. The Amalgamations of The Cosmos

26. Orthogonalism

27. Scientificism

28. Sporadics

29. Time in The Cosmos & The Universe

30. Creation Theory

31. Latter Epochology

32. The Adornment Principle

33. The Apogenesis

34. The Concentricity of The Cosmos

35. Instrument Theory

36. The Ambiguation Principle

37. The Edge of The Cosmos

38. The Firmaments of The Cosmos

39. The Future of The Expanding Cosmos

40. The Geometry of The Cosmos

41. The Hierarchy of The Cosmos

42. The Families of The Cosmos

43. The Heterogeneity of The Cosmos

44. The Introspective Cosmos

45. Life in The Cosmos

46. Cosmic Connections to the Terrestrial World

47. The Natural & The Rational

48. The Oblivions of The Cosmos

49. The Philosophy of Astronomy

50. The Prophetical Cosmos

51. The Psychology of Space

52. The Spirits of The Cosmos

53. The Formation of Celestial Entities

54. The Structure of The Cosmos

55. The Topography of The Cosmos

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The Philosophy of Astronomy is the rubral for the forty-ninth discourse of the Monodoxy classified as a pardiscourse dealing with the philosophy of astronomy and the implementation of Astronic philosophical, ideological, and religious ideals into a given society; essentially explores the interaction and implementability of Astronic ideas and beliefs into society.