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The Shadow of Cometan, the 48th notable image.

The Shadow of Cometan is a notable image of Cometan taken on 22nd August 2021 during his summer holiday to the South Downs region of the south coast of England. It was taken on the beachfront of the town of Eastbourne in East Sussex and features the shadow of Cometan reflected on the pebbles as he captures an image of the full moon reflecting on the English channel, the stars in the night sky and a boat passing in the distance. The image is connected to Cometan's Coastal Ecstasy, also called the Grand Moon Ecstasy, as it was taken just after this incumbential event occurred.

As the forty-eighth notable image, it succeeds Magical Cosmic Nights and precedes Cometan's Cambridge Visit. This notable image was so designated by the Astronist Institution on 25th August 2021. This image is distributed by the publisher Photography Lately while its copyrights are held by the Millettarian Photographic Institute.

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