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The Space Religion Lecture at Brooklands

The Space Religion Lecture is a notable image of Cometan taken by his grandfather William Warbrick on 2nd December 2020 shortly before Cometan's first official lecture on Astronism. As the forty-first notable image, it succeeds Cometan & The Great Moon of London and was designated as a notable image by the Astronist Institution on 2nd December 2020.

As is evidential from the image, the lecture took place virtually due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic at the time. The lecture centred on the designation of space religion, but extended into an explanation of Astronism, the nature of astronality, the origins of the Astronic tradition, and as part of a proceeding question and answer section, explored Astronist cosmology, the theology of Astronism, and a comparative analysis between Astronism and Islam took place.

This image is distributed the publisher Photography Lately and its copyrights are held by the Millettarian Photographic Institute.

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