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Not to be confused with divinology.

The theology of Astronism, or the Astronist theology, is the tradition and system of theology arising from understandings of Astronist beliefs regarding the existence, identity, and role of the concept of God. It is often used synonymously with divinology, however, the use of the term theology suggests a non-Astronic or neutral academic study of The Divine.

The Astronist theology is not monolithic, but is instead multifaceted and motional in form due to its association with different approaches to theological belief across a spectrum, most prominently including panentheism, cosmotheism, non-theism, transtheism, atheism, and many other theological positions.

Discipline of study

Astronic theology, also known as Millettarian theology, or Millettic theology, is the major discipline of study of the Astronic tradition dealing with the beliefs, notions, and concepts of the existence, non-existence, nature, role, and identity of God and pulls on both pre-Millettic concepts and beliefs and those originating from within Astronism to formulate a new distinct theology.