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Theology of Astronism

the collection of Astronist beliefs and practices associated with a divine, spiritual or mystical nature including Astronist worship, Astronic eschatology, Astronist mysticism, astrospirituality, astroneirology, and the soteriology of Astronism.

Extended description
Astronism ascribes to a cosmocentric worldview which instead of placing a god or gods at the centre, is instead focused on an intellectual, spiritual, and mystical exploration and union with The Cosmos, the animate totality of the astronomical world. Astronists profess a number of theological positions as far apart as atheism and theism, but the majority theological doctrine espoused by the Astronist Institution is a panentheistic conception of an infinite sustaining force called The Divine. Although the concept of The Divine is important to the Astronic cosmology which does possess influence on other aspects of Astronism, belief in The Divine is noticeably distanced from the core devotional, soteriological, spiritual, futurological, and philosophical concerns of Astronism, likely due to its existence outside The Cosmos which represents not only a conscious distance, but also a philosophical disproximation.