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Too Transcendent To Fail is the appellation for a post-omnidoxical notion of Cometanic origin with importance in the Astronist philosophy of religion that may also be referred to as the loophole notion. It is a play on words that was inspired by the "too big to fail" concept but instead of being applied to financial institutions was directed towards the nature of religions and philosophies.

It states that the founding of philosophies and religions transcends the necessity of monetary power and purpose. Essentially, a religion or a philosophy is not measured according to its accumulation of wealth but is instead measured according to the depth, coherence, and abundance of the beliefs and concepts within it.

It is clear to understand how this concept came about during the closing months of The Founding of Astronism era as Cometan was about to embark on The Establishment of Astronism era. In a heavily capitalistic society wherein money dominated all aspects of the lives and mentalities of people, Cometan began to see that his founding Astronism transcended this monetary framework as it needn't be predicated upon monetary wealth in order for it to survive in and of itself.