Definition of Tridoxy

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the third disquisition of the Omnidoxy, officially titled The Tridoxy: The Principles of Aid & Stewardship; preceded by the Duodoxy and succeeded by the Tetradoxy.


  • Tridoxic | trʌɪdɒksɪk | adjective
  • Tridoxical | trʌɪdɒksɪk(ə)l | adjective
  • Tridoxically | trʌɪdɒksɪk(ə)li | adverb
  • Tridoxicology | trʌɪdɒksɪkɒlədʒi | noun
  • Tridoxicologist | trʌɪdɒksɪkɒlədʒɪst | noun

Origin and etymology

  • Astro-English: from Astronese, the prefix tri-, denoting three or third, combined with the suffix -doxy denoting doctrine, especially as manifested in a treatise; meaning ‘the third treatise.’ 
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