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The Vendox is the main symbol for Astronism and this version presents the symbol without a background.

Bw large

Black and white form of the Vendox with no background is another popular version.

Bluebg (1)

Dark Background Version of the Vendox, the most well-known symbol representing Astronism.

Trademark Version of Vendox

Vendox featuring the trademark symbol which is to be placed at the top right hand corner.

A vendox is the primary symbol used to identify Astronism and Astronists, especially the founding denomination called the Astronist Institution. It is characterised by the depiction of a central object from which two lines eject vertically downwards from its base after which they loop back around to almost meet one another yet instead form a vertical parallel line with traditionally three of such lines existing on either side.


The Vendox symbol was first designed by Cometan in an illustration he made during the early years of The Founding of Astronism era.

Trademarking the vendox[]

The Astronist Institution files trademarking applications to the appropriate government agencies of each country to ask for the trademark of the Vendox symbol in their respective territories.

The Vendox is currently a trademarked logo/symbol held by the Astronist Institution in the following countries:

Country Registrar Identifier Date received
United Kingdom Tim Moss UK00003458277 8th August 2020

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