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Vicinalism is the concept and principle in which Astronists who belong to different Astronist denominations should work together to develop closer relationships among their movements and organisations in order to promote unity among cosmocentric thinkers. The adjective vicinal specifically denotes the closing of relations between a non-Institutional denomination and the Astronist Institution; in broader usage, this same adjective may also be used to denote any interdenominational initiative that encourages greater cooperation between Astronists and their denominations.

The related concept of vicinality refers to the quality and degree to which an Astronist denomination is in good relations with the Astronist Institution; its opposite is avicinality. Therefore, coming into vicinality with the Astronist Institution means that a non-Institutional denomination accepts both the proprietorship of the Institution, accepts Astronist orthodoxy, and welcomes the receipt of Institutional dispensations.

Purpose and goal of vicinalism

The primary of vicinal activities is to ensure the continuation of the Astronist tradition through the coming together of like-minded, namely cosmocentric, thinkers and the organisations that they belong to. This remains the primary goal of vicinalism and this is reflected in the works of the Astronist Institution.

History of vicinalism

The concept of vicinalism has a long history in the Astronist tradition with its origins clearly defined in the Omnidoxy written by Cometan, placing vicinalism's origins during the origins of Astronism itself. It has always been and remains one of the primary responsibilities of the Astronist Institution and its leader, the Padron, to promote unity among cosmocentric thinkers. This was the theme of Cometan's presentation at the First Vicinal Assembly and continues to be the principal Institutional narrative surrounding vicinalism.

Many challenges to vicinalism and vicinalisation have emerged during its history with notable contentions surrounding the encouragement and in some cases, mandatory use, of the terms Astronism and Astronist. Originally, the term vicinalism denoted only those entities that wished to come into complete mergence with the Astronist Institution whereas in more recent times, vicinality and vicinalism have expanded in their meanings to also relate to organisations becoming non-Institutional denominations of Astronism.

Vicinal assemblies

Main article: Vicinal assembly

Vicinal assemblies are councils established to discuss pertaining to Astronist unity and they are held irregularly.

List of vicinal assemblies

List of vicinal assemblies
# Title Date Attendees
1 First Vicinal Assembly 25th April 2021 Adriano Autino, Alberto Cavallo, Cometan, Giulio Prisco, Paul Ziolo, Steven Wolfe, Tsvi Bisk

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