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William Airey (April 27, 1735 – November 1820) was an English farmer and the 7th great-grandfather of Cometan, classified as one of Cometan’s distant paternal ancestors in the McKerney family line. Born in Dent in Yorkshire, William was baptised on 27th April 1735 and married Alice Thistlethwaite whom he married on 16th June 1764 in Lancashire and with whom had a daughter named Elizabeth who connects William to Cometanic ancestry. 

In addition to Elizabeth, William had a son named Charles (1754 – 1759), a son named Thomas (1755 – 1759), a daughter named Anne (1757 – 1759), one named Alice (b. 1765), as well as Mary (b. 1775), Robert (1768 – 1829), Agnes (b. 1778), Isabel (b. 1791) and James (b. 1796). There are records of William have two wives in addition to Alice named Elizabeth Ashburner and Elizabeth Lindsey.

William’s parents were Charles Airey and Ann Willan. William lived until he was eighty-five, a major feat in the 18th to 19th centuries and is recorded as having died in Giggleswick, North Yorkshire. He is recorded as having been buried on 10th November 1820 in Dent, Yorkshire.

In Cometanic ancestry, William is categorised as part of the 9th generation retrograde, classifying him as a distant ancestor of Cometan.